Single Eyeshadows (Over $10) | 2021 Editor’s Favorites

With just over 125 single eyeshadows reviewed, and a lot of the best-performing ones being duochromes and multi-chromes, it was tough to narrow down the list… but nevertheless, I managed to keep my favorites to a mere 22!

If you’re unfamiliar with how I like to do my year-end favorites, here’s the low down: I pull from the products I reviewed in 2021, regardless of whether they were new, limited edition, or an established range I’ve only just gotten around to reviewing. These are personal favorites, so they may or may not be the highest rated products reviewed during the year (though they will tend to be better rated, naturally!). (You can check out the best of 2020 posts if you missed last year’s.)

Temptalia’s Favorite Eyeshadows (Over $10) | 2021

We hope you’ll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!
We hope you’ll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

Your Year in Review: Single Eyeshadow Edition

I thought it would be interesting to read through how readers used products throughout the year, what favorites emerged, what products fell by the wayside… so, if you want to join in, copy and paste the questions below and add your answers via a comment!

Feel free to break it down by price (over $10) if that makes sense to you since there was an under $10 post previously!

  • What was your most used single eyeshadow? Least used?
  • Will you repurchase it or will you look for something new?
  • Was single eyeshadow a big part of your routine in 2021?

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