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Buying Guide – Originality Done Right – 5 Watches With Truly Audacious Case Designs

Considering how time is indicated on most watches – hands rotating 360-degree around the dial – it is no surprise that the vast majority of timepieces available on the market have round cases. But there is always room for creativity, originality and audacity. Watches don’t have to be round to be either striking or elegant. […]

In-Depth – The History of the ETA 2892, The Enduring Elite Movement from ETA

Introduced in the 1970s during the rise of quartz movements, which were poised to dominate the industry, threatening to eclipse and eradicate mechanical mechanisms almost entirely, the ETA 2892 has become one of the most renowned and widely used self-winding calibres produced by the Swatch Group’s giant movement maker. Like the ETA 2824, the 2892 […]

Hands-on – The Genus GNS2, Sleeker but Still Mechanically Fascinating

A masterpiece of ingenuity and complexity, the GNS1 dazzled the watchmaking scene with its incredible free-moving train travelling around the two central counters on the dial like a mechanical caterpillar. Marking the indie brand’s debut in 2019, the GNS1 was ten years in the making and protected by two patents. Earlier this year, Genus introduced […]

First Look – The New and Affordable Certina DS-1 Day-Date

Certina’s robust and affordably priced DS-1 is a descendant of the brand’s pioneering DS (Double Security) concept introduced in 1959. Back then, much like a turtle’s protective shell, the DS concept was engineered to enhance the resilience, reliability, and water resistance of watches against external threats by incorporating O-ring seals. This versatile and straightforward timepiece […]

Video Review – What Has Changed…? The New Oris Aquis Date Compared to the Old Model

Evolution, not revolution. It’s a well-known strategy that has been applied by so many brands, and not just in the watch industry. The idea of gradually updating/upgrading your most emblematic product without drastically changing it is at the heart of the success of icons such as the Porsche 911, the iPhone, the Nike Air Max […]

Hands-on – The Breakpoint Watch… The Entirely New Bremont Supermarine 300m

Let’s go straight to the point. Bremont, one of the foremost British watch brands, is changing. The founding brothers, Nick and Giles English, are no longer the faces of the company, which has had a new CEO for about a year now: Davide Cerrato. As expected, his arrival has meant a new strategy, starting with […]

Introducing – A Trilogy of Olympic Medal-Inspired Stowa Flieger Watches

German brand Stowa was founded in 1927 and became one of the five official suppliers of B-Uhren to the German Luftwaffe. Capitalising on the brand’s rich aviation history, Stowa, now in the hands of Tempus Arte Group, released its first batch of contemporary pilot’s watches in 1997. While the reissues capture the classic looks of […]

Hands-on – The Delightful Montblanc 1858 Unveiled Minerva Monopusher Chronograph

This spring, Montblanc introduced the latest addition to the Unveiled Minerva series, the Unveiled Minerva Monopusher Chronograph. Like the 2022-2023 releases, the Unveiled Secret Minerva Monopusher Chronographs, it showcases the beautiful mechanics of the underlying movement in an exciting and visually captivating way. The new Unveiled Minerva Monopusher Chronograph continues the inverted calibre concept with […]

First Look – The New Airain Type 20 “Up in the Air” with seconde/seconde/

Founded in 1934, Airain was one of the original suppliers of the iconic Type 20 chronograph issued to French military pilots in the 1950s and 60s. The brand was dormant until its resurrection in 2020 by Dutch entrepreneur Tom van Wijlick, who also spearheaded the 2014 relaunch of Lebois & Co, which brought back the […]

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