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Bell & Ross Goes Green with the BR 05 Skeleton

With the launch in 2019 of the BR 05 collection, Bell & Ross was once more able to capture the trends of time in a single creation. While it stayed true to its DNA, the integrated bracelet and distinct square case with its curved corners added a new flavor. One that is for sure appreciated by the watch community, as the BR 05 collection quickly became one of the pillars of the brands.

A favorite among this collection is the BR 05 Skeleton. Bell & Ross opted for a rather technical approach, having the movement skeletonized in an industrial way, specifically for them, by movement manufacturer Sellita. The result is quite stunning, all the more as Bell & Ross uses it to add more height to the creation. The flange placed just under the sapphire crystal naturally pulls your eye to the movement, which Bell & Ross placed under a green-tinted sapphire crystal. While this still allows you to admire the movement, it creates a green hue that is quite spectacular.

While green has become a trend of its own, it suits some watches better than others. Because of the olive tint that Bell & Ross chose, the BR 05 Skeleton gets an almost military look, which fits in perfectly with the brand’s heritage. While it looks like the watch has an integrated bracelet, this can easily be swapped for a rubber strap. This allows you to have multiple looks with just a single watch. While you can buy the BR 05 Skeleton Green, as well as their other models, on the rubber strap only, I highly recommend that you get it on a bracelet and add the strap to it. The bracelet is very well constructed and comfortable to wear, but also more expensive if you buy it separately. Bell & Ross has further ensured that even the skeleton version of the BR 05 is a genuine tool watch, as a water resistance of 100 meters testifies.

The Bell & Ross BR 05 Skeleton Green is limited to 500 pieces, and costs $7,000.

More information can be found on the website of Bell & Ross, here.

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