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Introducing – The New Breguet Type 20 and Type XX Chronographs (Video & Live Pics)

Call it Type 20 or Type XX (keep in mind that each has its own meaning), but what’s always true is that we’re looking at one of the most emblematic French-related watches, and one of the most important models of the modern era of Breguet. Born in the 1950s as an answer to a military request, the (Breguet but not only) Type 20, the military version, named after the French Air Force’s specification or later the civilian Breguet Type XX, have long been some of the most illustrious pilot’s chronographs around. After a few years without its presence in the collection, it’s now time for Breguet to bring it back, with a pair of watches that take cues from emblematic first-generation models, yet modernized on many levels. Here are the 2023 Breguet Type 20 Chronograph 2057 and Breguet Type XX Chronograph 2067.

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