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Introducing – The New OP190 Steel Edition Of The Oskar Pascal Chronograph

Founded by brothers Petter and Jakob Paulin, Oskar Pascal launched its very first watch just earlier this year. As an independent watchmaking company, it combines the best of both worlds perhaps; sleek Scandinavian design with Swiss-made mechanicals. Years of work went into the creation of the Oskar Pascal OP483, the brand’s break-out piece, which came […]

Introducing – The Seriously Technical Cyrus Klepcys DICE Racing Chronograph

The chronograph has since long been regarded as one of the most complex yet fascinating creations in the world of mechanical watchmaking. There’s a profound level of complexity involved when wanting to track elapsed time of any given event, whether it’s a horse race, the boiling of an egg, or just how long it took […]

Introducing – The Orient Star Skeleton Is The Brand’s Latest Luxury Watch

Orient Star is the higher-end tier within Orient’s portfolio, not unlike Seiko and Grand Seiko, although to a lesser extent. The brand is introducing a new piece called the Skeleton in its Contemporary Collection, which is simply a follow-up to last year’s Skeleton in the Classic Collection. That prior model celebrated Orient Star’s 70th anniversary […]

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