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The 5 best cheap phones of 2022

What is the best cheap phone? The Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is ZDNet's top choice. We tested an extensive line-up of cheap handsets and analyzed CPU, cameras, battery life, and more.

Best 5G phone for 2022: Top phones to buy

What is the best 5G phone for your budget? The iPhone 13 Pro Max is our top choice when comparing 5G phone specs, including CPU, storage, display, price, camera, battery, and more.

10 best phones (2022)

What is the best smartphone? Apple's iPhone 13 Pro Max tops our list! We thoroughly tested and analyzed the best phones on the market, focusing on camera capabilities, battery life, CPU, and display to uncover a widely debated topic: iOS or Android.

The best camera phone for 2022

What is the phone with the best camera Our top pick is the iPhone 13 Pro Max! We analyzed display, camera features, zoom, picture quality, and more.

Power at a Premium: 6 Watches Under $3,500 with Great Power Reserves

Of the various ongoing trends in the watch world, ever-improving power reserves in mechanical timepieces are among the most practical. With collectors often owning a variety of pieces they like to change in and out on a daily basis, owning a ...

Best business phone plans (2022)

What are the best business phone plans? We dive into an in-depth analysis of the best business phone plans including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile to give you the best options for reliable 5G to get the job done.

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